Ablution Container -Invoking Social responsibility

Mobile Ablution Units – Environment Friendly Solutions

In a world of global warming and increased carbon footprints it is our responsibility to embrace eco friendly lifestyle. The decision to embrace a greener lifestyle means going tiny and mobile. In this effort modular ablution constructions can make a great alternative to traditional structures. Shipping containers make an ideal option for modular homes as it comes with endless configurations as it can be matched, mixed, stacked and fitted together. The containers are super strong and are highly durable. The assembling is easer as it comes in identical shapes. The ablution facility can be transported to the site easily at a reasonable cost making it an ideal option.

Converting A Shipping Container – Customized To Match Your Needs

Shipping containers can be converted to match your requirements especially when it comes to temporary ablution solutions. These can be converted into luxury urinals, toilets and washrooms. The ablution also comes with showers and hot water geyser options.

Uses of ablution containers

Portable ablution blocks can be used at:

  • Trade conferences, exhibitions, festival and fairs
  • Sports events
  • Construction sites and other mobile work locations
  • Film shooting location

The shipping container conversion plans are highly viable as it comes with greater durability made of super strong steel capable of carrying 30 tons cargo and also withstanding the tough sea travel. The units come in specific heights and can be stacked. The assembling of ablution unit is fast as the finished product can be transported on trucks and ships to faraway places. The unit can be assembled in few weeks depending on the size of the ablution unit. The unit can also be dismantled and moved to another location for a new project, thereby saving on recurring investment.

Benefits Of Ablution Container Home Construction

If you are inspired by eco homes then container home construction is the right way to go about. Shipping containers offers the ideal solution for readymade structures to address your living needs. It helps to address environmental concerns. These can be used as welfare accommodation at construction sites or can be part of your self-build project. The ablution design helps in saving on energy bills. The elite units come with dual flush system, waterless system and non concussive taps. The other amenities include double glazed windows and automatic cut off heaters to help reduce carbon footprints.

The ablution unit is a cost effective solution and comes with low maintenance cost. The container can be decorated at a lesser cost when compared to traditional buildings. It is not only affordable but valuable too. Whether it is a single or multiple units it is safe and secure from fire, wind and earthquake. The structure can withstand a direct hit and still no collapse though it may roll a little.

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