Poster of Supertech depicting the black color kitchen cabinet & modular shelves on top of it with attached sink with a table and a chair beside the cabinet made out of shipping container

Ghost Kitchen: The New Kid On The Block

Ever heard of a “ghost kitchen”? No, this is not the name of yet another cooking reality show on your favourite TV channel. A ghost kitchen is the modern, 21st-century avatar of the restaurant kitchen. But there is one big difference. Unlike restaurants with a fully functional dining area, a ghost kitchen serves as a pick-up and delivery only restaurant.

Poster of supertech industries on high cube containers and its company contact details

High Cube Containers: A Cut Above The Rest

When shipping containers came into existence a few decades ago, they were touted to be one of the best innovations for the shipping industry. Soon enough, they proved to be generally useful for the transportation of goods even by road. Today, shipping containers are considered the most effective, safe, and affordable solution to move goods by sea or road. When you think of shipping containers,

Empty Inner Side Of Shipping Container

Want To Make Your Shipping Containers Extra Durable? Go For Flooring Options!

Shipping container conversions are stealing headlines all over the world especially in UAE. From being bulky boxes of steel to transforming into dainty looking boutiques, cafes, shops and homes, the shipping container is taking on one avatar after another. There is no question about the sturdiness of shipping containers. But it pays to put in…