Breathtaking Homes & Offices Made Of Recycled Shipping Containers

After being decommissioned from commercial sea travel, lots of shipping container can be found stranded in junkyards and ports. Recycling them to simple shipping container homes or offices would be the best option if you are looking for eco-friendly, affordable and robust homes.

Why should you opt for simple shipping container homes?

Very Affordable And Low Maintenance

There are many people who wonder as to how much do shipping container homes cost. As there are many shipping containers along the ports and junkyards, and demand is very low so that it can be bought at a very cheaper rate as compared to other building material such as wood, steel or bricks. Also, the containers are already structured with ceiling and flooring fitted. So you need not spend much on its structuring. You just need to make sure that the walls and floor are properly insulated. As a cost of the single container is very low, you can combine more to form a bigger home you have ever imagined.

Least Time Needed To Construct Simple Shipping Container Homes

The traditional way of constructing a home takes a lot of time, depending on structure and size, but getting a home or office out of shipping container takes very less time, or we can say within a month. Our services ensure that you have all the basic amenities for a home with your personal choices thoroughly followed. Also, we will have all your licenses and permits issue ready from the government.

Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Homes

With the increase in decommissioned shipping container, it is piling up in junk yard and ports leading to an environmental hazard. If you are opting for used recycled shipping container for home, then it not only cleans the environment but also ensures that you are using eco-friendly building material for your home. It decreases the chances of construction pollution which occurs in the case of other building material. So be a part of environment cleaning drive and approach our services for a best eco-friendly shipping container.

Off The Grid Living With Shipping Container

If you are planning to reduce your cost of living by going off the grid i.e. without thermal power or electricity, that it can be done living in shipping containers. You can easily install a solar panel on shipping container which will save a lot of energy and money.

Extremely Tough And Durable Shipping Container

Shipping containers are mainly used to ship cargo items from one place to another through the mighty ocean.  So these shipping containers are extremely strong and highly durable to carry any items across the long distance against the high winds and swirling water. If you are thinking of using this container for home or office, you do not need to bother about extreme climate or harsh condition. To know more about it’s feature then contact us.

Flexible Shipping Containers

Simple shipping container homes are very flexible in nature. It is made of steel which is very strong and sturdy. You can place one container over another, or you can keep them horizontal side by side to make more rooms. These rooms can be connected by cutting an arc or door size steel in between them. Also, they can be carried from one place to another in the case of a change in place.

We have created some single shipping container homes of 40ft by 8ft which is prefabricated with everything needed to live in it. Be it a kitchen or washroom or bedroom or living space. Also, it is delivered on site. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for more info.

Shipping Container Homes Looks Amazing Too

Do not make the mistake of assuming that these finished container homes for sale will look cheap and shabby. Shipping containers homes can be customised and personalised according to your needs without any rules and restrictions. You are free to make whatsoever changes needed. From the last few years, many ‘cargotecture’ has been seen by blending the 21st-century style with the rawness of steel which has resulted in some of the iconic houses in our times.

So, apart from flexibility, durability, low costing, eco-friendly and quick construction, these shipping container homes look amazing too.

You may be very new to the whole idea of living in a shipping container and want some time to explore every aspect and ideas about spending your life in a shipping container. So before doing that, go through all the benefits listed above and contact us for help!

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