Container Homes And Their Contribution Towards Eco-Friendliness

A home. A dream. A haven.
A humble abode is a dream that every person has. Each of us wants to own a home that is their safe place. It is the place where you are most comfortable, and you can be just who you are. There is no hiding and pretending. When you invite people to your abode, you show them nuances of your character through the design and style of the home you live in. The design of the house will indicate the type of person you truly are. And, when the home is a converted shipping container house, the impression that is thus created can be long lasting.

Today we elucidate just five of the reasons why it is a very good idea to go in for the best shipping container homes.

1. Steel
Steel is known as the easiest and most reliable construction material available to mankind as of yet. Shipping and sea containers are made of pure steel. This means converting sea containers into shipping homes is not only easy for the construction workers but also for designers and architects. The steel of shipping containers can be easily used to make homes with classic or modern designs. This versatile material is also sustainable and can be used to build buildings that range from small cottage-like homes to high-rise feel buildings.

2. Eco-friendly
In today’s every aware world we as people try to keep the environment safe. We try to minimise the negative effect we have on it. When we plan to build a home using a container homes design, instead of the traditional brick and mortar we take care of nature. Being eco-friendly makes living in shipping container homes the biggest advantage. Statistics say that there are around 17 million shipping containers in the world. Out of these, only 6 million are in use. Whenever shipping containers are converted into homes, we must remember that the unused and surplus containers are being effectively recycled. Recycling about 3,500kgs of steel, the average amount needed to construct the best shipping container home, means we save the environment by not using traditional building materials

3. Budget- Friendly
For some people, the main draw of living in a shipping container house is the affordability. Because these homes don’t make use of regular building material like bricks, mortar and wood, they can be created quite cheaply. Even the cheapest home in the city you live will be more expensive than using a sea container and converting it into a home that you love and want. The incentive of saving thousands of bucks and yet building an eco-friendly home is too lucrative to let go off.

4. Simple construction
The best part of shipping containers homes is that they can be constructed anywhere and easily. So in case you don’t have a plot of land which is suitable for building, you will be able to build the best shipping container home off-site and deliver it to wherever you want. The sea containers also allow for major flexibility when it comes to designing, layout planning, window installations, floor plans and sundry.

5. Shipping container homes cost very less
One of the obvious resources that can be saved by opting for shipping container homes, is money, because these are affordable. By recycling sea containers, we also save on construction material like cement and iron. But we also save you intangible resources like time and energy. Because converting sea containers is simple, not a lot of labour is involved which translated to saving energy. They are quicker and faster to build as compared to traditional homes.

Beside these 5 benefits of shipping container houses, there are a few other advantages of living in eco-friendly sea container homes. These recycled containers are very, very durable. They can withstand the vagaries of life and nature like earthquakes and storming rains. They are also easy to maintain, which makes for less spending on keeping your home brand as new.

The trend of ship container homes has picked up speed in the last few years. The fashion of living in homes that are close to nature is turning heads. And, through the eco-friendliness of such homes, our planet will also be saved.

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