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On the move ablution unit facilitates comfortable showering, washing and toilet facilities. The ablution containers are used by various industries like construction, event management, sporting clubs, work sites and more. It caters to high traffic scenario offering portability, functionality and ease of manipulation. The unit can be picked and placed anywhere. These come in varied formations and are used for various purposes. Super Tech Industries offers great mobile Ablution Containers customised to meet the personal requirements of travellers and on-site workers. It comes with urinals, washbasin, showers, toilets, bathtubs, hot and cold water options. What makes our ablution units specialise is its premium finish specially catering to VIP events.

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Key Features of Ablution Containers Block Plan In UAE

Ablution containers are divided into two major types based on their fittings, waste management and water generation. Ablution Containers are durable, sturdy and can withstand the vagaries of nature. The Galvanised steel merges with the superior interiors and is rust proof. The containers are spacious, and it is easier to install. As it comes with sophisticated hygiene waste removal and waste storage system, it promotes sanitation. The main features are:

There are both male and female units available
Safety precautions from falls
Well designed doors in the cubicles
Hot and cold water facility
Bio and waterless toilet container
Air ventilators, rainwater gutters are part of the design

Hot and cold water in urinals, washbasins and toilets
Wiring, Lights and conduits
Privacy with partitions and shower curtains
Fall resistant grip rubber coated floors to protect containers from corrosion
Safety locks

With so many container conversion companies available in the market, SuperTech Industries is the best option you can think of for an ablution unit. Contact us for a demo or request a price quote!​

Container Toilet Ablution Block Design Plans – Irresistible Design Excellence

The Ablution block plans consist of the following:
1. Self Collected blocks restrict waste within the container structure especially the grey and black water. The self-collected ablutions do not need external waste collection tank connection as the periodic waste removal services are necessary. Our designs are easy to install, maintain and service.
2. Sewer connected blocks are suitable for sites that have sewer connectivity. The flexibility in design is limited and hence ideal for places with sewer access.
3. The containers are available as Modular container toilets, shower units and washing units loaded with washbasins and Geysers.

Customised Ablution Container Units – Our Trade Secret

Container ablution units can be customised to meet your design specifications and functional needs. We give you the option to choose the flooring – Vinyl or wooden, add on wall partition and extra cubicles, wash basin mirrors of different size and design, air vents for better air flow and maintaining hygiene standards (for more than one block, a new vent would be helpful). Adding an extra shower, washbasin and toilets to increase the size of the ablution blocks are possible.
The ablution unit is perfect for events, film shoots, music festivals, games session to ensure the guests are comfortable. These facilities can be moved making them financially viable and convenient.


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G+2 Al-Ain Site Office
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Benefits of ablution units

The ablution unit is hygienic, aesthetically crafted and is easy to maintain. The portable ablution is quick to install. The units are designed to withstand heavy traffic and are reliable. What more the units meet international hygiene standards. These versatile units are being used worldwide and are in high demand.

Now eco-friendly ablution units are available at the click of a button at an affordable price. Forget about the real estate hassles and build mobile ablution units to satisfy your temporary needs.