Need Of Portable Toilets At Public Events

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Everyone is excited to be a part of a music festival, a carnival, summer festival, etc. These social gatherings of people in the name of a common interest helps boost the general atmosphere of any place. The organisers of these fairs or festivals arrange for the necessary amenities for the people. They also provide a portable toilet for the benefit of the individuals who are a part of the carnival or summer festival. These festivals take place in a remote and open area, so there is a need to set up an ablution unit. Ablution unit in UAE is more common in UAE due to the availability of shipping containers in and around UAE. The article talks about the need and the features of the portable toilets provided for public gatherings.

The Actual Need

There is a need to access a portable toilet during various public events like carnivals, music festivals, etc., since these events do not have access to regular restroom or showers. Hundreds of people make use of the ablution unit. They can also be used as a portable shower based on the people who are using it.

Hygiene Of Portable Toilets

The important factor of using an ablution unit is the hygiene factor. As more people use the portable toilets, it becomes even more important to maintain proper hygiene. Portable toilets are usually cleaned regularly with a chemical liquid which is meant for the toilets in a ablution unit. You can flush out the contents of the toilet using the chemical liquid. This assures the hygiene of these portable toilets. There is no need for plumbing and unclogging isn’t required as well. Private service agencies maintain the portable loo making it easier for the organizers of the fair or event.

Public Events-Portable Toilets

There is a need for a portable toilet for the various events conducted in open and remote areas. In the past, people found it really difficult to attend festival or carnivals as they do not have proper access to toilets. They used to dig holes in the ground and surround the place using scaffolding and partition it using sacks or thick tarp sheets. These modern day ablution units are of great use during any large scale event. The portable units are scattered throughout the location, making it easily accessible to all the attendees.

Renting a Portable Toilet

It is a better idea to rent a portable toilet rather than buying one on your own. A business which demands the regular use of these portable units can purchase a portable bathroom. Occasional use of portable bathrooms has led to the practice of renting the ablution units. Construction sites and mining sites can hire a portable toilet for the benefit of their workers. You can also rent a portable toilet for family gatherings. People host a get-together or family reunion in a park which does not have access to a proper restroom or toilet. You can rent portable toilets for a family get together as it ensures the hygiene of the entire family.


The ablution unit is equipped with latest accessories which make it usable. Some of the accessories included are toilets, wash basins, benches, showers, soap dispensers, etc. The portable toilets can be customised based on the type of people using the unit.