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Shipping Container Cafe – Redefining Coffee Shop Business

Modern-day structures are built not just from brick and mortar but also from environment-friendly and recycled materials. One of the most popular options is refurbished shipping containers being used as tiny homes, offices, café, swimming pools, gyms and more. Create an incredible business environment with refurbished coffee shipping containers. The satisfaction of protecting the planet by using recycled products is immense. Containers, be it permanent or temporary structures are robust and use modular designs. This is a great extension option for your home or workspace. It can be used as standalone structures too! Apart from the space benefits it offers, these are weatherproof and come with security features.

Upcycling Shipping Containers Into Coffee House

Food and beverage industry has seen many a transformation in terms of structure and function. Contemporary modified concepts are ruling the roost and F&B industry is welcoming it with open arms. The convenience of modular structure is mobility and security making it the most preferred option among café owners across the globe. SuperTech Industries acknowledges this shift and provides viable construction solutions to give a new dimension to eatery businesses.

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Shipping Container Cafes with Adaptable Interiors

Fully Customisable Interiors Of Shipping Container Cafe Conversions

The interiors of the container café shop design should be both attractive and functional. Our goal is to make it fitted out to your specifications and build your container to the highest of standards. This is integrated with both interiors and architectural concepts, of course, within the boundaries of converted containers. The interiors of the pop-up café have to be cosmopolitan and voguish to serve the elite. Use of trendy furniture and graphics packaged in an effective budget opens the door for new customers. We have a full in house design + engineering team that provides advice + full 3D renders. We support you through all stages of your project meeting building standards. Our team acknowledges fire regulations + providing structural sign-offs.

Go ahead and choose a container café and give your business a design boost. Call us now to get your own container café.​

Benefits Of Cafe Container Design

Achieve architectural excellence without violating environment norms with container café construction. There is a host of benefits on offer and a few are listed below:


G+1 Executive Staff Accommodation
G+2 Al-Ain Site Office
G+2 Al-Ain Site Office
In-house Staff Office
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SuperTech Industries can assemble container café within a fraction of the cost of erecting a new building. We have experience and expertise in the field with loads of designs to choose from.