How To Convert Shipping Containers Into Beautiful Homes

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Container house conversions are not as difficult as you imagine them to be .With a little help from a smart architect, the conversion can be carried out smoothly. You need a definite plan before embarking on the project. Without proper planning you will not be able to incorporate all your required ideas into the project. Let’s go into the details step by step.

Design Your Entire Home

Draw a proper floor plan and include all the dimensions you need. Fill the details required in each room and check how much space you will have available. Check how you will want the interiors to look like. Don’t leave the details to the end. You need to make sure you are picking the accurate number of containers and you have enough space within them.

Consult With An Engineer

Get expert advice from professionals. You will need an architect or an experienced engineer to support you while you start with the construction work. It is best to leave the construction to a team of professionals. Supervise to assure that your ideas are being incorporated.

Look For High Quality Containers

You need a long lasting set of containers that are of good quality. Don’t settle for poor quality containers. The initial investment you spend may seem high in the beginning, however later on the maintenance costs will be lesser.

Get Strong Foundation Material

You need to lay a strong foundation to support your home. You can choose wood or any other material after consultation with your engineer. You may have to check the nature of the surroundings as it will affect the material chosen.

Place And Connect The Container

Get reliable containers and place them in order. Determine how they should be connected and build the skeleton of your building.

Add Reinforcement To Hold The Containers In Place

Proper reinforcement is required to hold the containers in place. Do not compromise on the quality of the reinforcement material being used.

Build Your Roof And Mark Windows And Doors.

Once the structure is set, mark where you need your doors and windows. Carefully build your roof and reinforce it too. Cut out the spaces for the doors and windows.

Check For Cracks Or Unwanted Openings

Check the surfaces of the containers to find cracks or unwanted openings. Close them in the beginning itself with suitable cementing materials.

Add Frames For Doors, Windows etc

You will then have to add the frames for the doors and windows. Check if you need any indoor frames for other uses.

Wire The Place

Access to electricity is the next step. Wire the place and ensure the circuits are all in good conditions.

Provide Suitable Insulation

Insulate the place properly to avoid hazards in future. There should be no compromises on the insulation procedure to avoid trouble in the future.

Follow a few steps with the help of an experienced engineer and you will have a beautiful container home ready to use. Building a shipping container home is one of the most creative things you can ever do.