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Enjoy safe and convenient container workspace from the house of SuperTech Industries. We customise commercial space to suit your requirements. The container office is quick to install, mobile, flexible, easy to secure and offers a controlled environment. The container office can be customised in a 20ft or 40ft space. The unit can be expanded as the business grows. Mobile offices can increase productivity even in tough work environments. The office grade finish is offered in a climate controlled environment. Since the container is made of heavy duty industrial construction, it is highly durable and lasts a lifetime. If you have plans of relocating then container office is the best option. The electrical and plumbing conduits are part of the design. The containers come with windows and doors for ventilation. Skylight option can also be provided on request.

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The Significance Of Container Site Office in UAE

If you thought containers are meant to transport and store goods, check out the container office sites. These are globally used to house offices with innovative modifications and come with superior conversion trends. Office Containers are becoming highly popular because of its convenience to move to interesting locations and giving you the advantage of working in serene environments. The container offices are suitable for startups and small businesses who are considering mobile workspace. Converting a shipping container into a workspace is the best option one can think if you require a mobile and personal conventional office.

We provide modified shipping containers to suit your commercial needs. We use One Trip or even New containers to suit your budget and personal preferences.​

Container Site Office In Dubai - Reinvent The Box

Container office buildings are quite comfortable and allow you to focus on your business without any interruptions from other rooms. It is a private space and gives you peace of mind to finish your task on time. The shipping container office conversion is naturally spacious because it was used to hoard goods. They come in varied sizes of 10ft to 40ft. You can add containers according to your expansion plans.

Benefits of Container offices

Specifications Of Container Office layout plan

The shipping containers come in varied sizes, and the popular sizes are 10ft, 20ft, 20ft high cubicle, 40ftf and 40ft high cubicle. The dimension and weight vary from one manufacturer to another. SuperTech Industries offers portable shipping containers and requires no structural assembly or foundation. The container office design architecture is highly durable, secure and weather resistant. The containers are built using 16 gauge corrugated galvanised steel, dual asymmetrical steel doors, heavy duty water resistant flooring and dye stamped steel roofing.

The container office is designed to withstand vagaries of nature. Containers have to meet international manufacturing standards to sustain sea travel to protect the cargo inside. Therefore the container is well protected from harsh wind, saline water, ice, snow and heat, making it a worthy investment as your office property.


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