A Quick Look Through Some Of The Famous Shipping Container Buildings

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Shipping container buildings are slowly growing popular with more and more industries opting for it. Comparing the benefits of shipping container buildings with regular ones, the shipping container buildings scores in numerous ways above others. Famous container offices like Container Site Office in UAE is quite popular thanks to their versatility and unique looks. Still, if some are in doubt about shipping container buildings and how they will look like, here is a list of shipping container buildings that became famous for their unique look and practicality:

Homes built using shipping containers

More and more people are opting for shipping container homes as they turn out to be less expensive and more convenient for the people. A huge number of shipping containers remain unused at the shipping docks all over the world. Shipping it back to the place from where it was bought would be a costly affair. It is less expensive to buy a new one than ship the old one back. Hence, all these remain at the docks, taking up space. But all these containers can be reused efficiently for building up shipping container buildings.

The main perks of using shipping container buildings are that they are so many in number ready to be used, they are quite easy to be transported to wherever needed and they are far less expensive than other methods of construction. They can also be easily stacked up, they are durable than other materials and can be easily prefabricated by the needs. The first ever shipping container house was built in the US and was designed by the Peter DeMaria, an architect from South California. The only concern of obstacle he had to face was to make sure the building passed all the strict rules of Uniform Building Code(UBC).

Shopping Mall In Europe

It is no small fact that the biggest shopping mall in the whole of Europe is made out of empty shipping containers. That itself tells us about the extensive possibilities of shipping containers. The user just needs to have the imagination about how it should be used. The rest can be easily achieved. In Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, an entire bazaar named Dordoy Bazaar is made up of stacked shipping containers. Hence, it is now a known fact that shipping containers are the go-to choice for many of the industrial bigwigs for their construction purposes.

Printing Office Drukta And Mailing Company Formail

These two reputable companies combined and shifted their businesses to Belgium at a place named Kortrijk. Their main aim was to build an office that is creative and catches the attention of customers. They zeroed in on shipping containers, and these containers were efficiently converted to a beautiful office building just as they had visioned in their minds.In total, about 13 containers were used for the purpose, and the results were astounding. The building has large windows and doors making it look more spacious and ushering in daylight. Various colour coordinations used by the designers also worked in their favour. Thus the building as such helped in setting up the singular and dynamic image both companies were trying to achieve.