Building Up A Shipping Container Cabin For Your Needs

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Shipping container offices and homes are the latest trends in accommodation and office spaces with more and more people opting for it. The surprising fact is that shipping containers can be easily converted to anything of your choice- offices, homes, swimming pools, schools, hospitals, etc. Some of the famous examples of shipping container buildings are the container office Dubai, the Box Office in Rhode Island, Tony’s Organic Food Farm, Shanghai, etc.

Ever wondered how these shipping container modifications are made? It is carried out carefully by professional experts in the field. Here are some of the few steps of modifying shipping containers:


Before you start considering how to modify a shipping container, the first step is to come up with a building design plan. Think about your needs, how much space you need, how many rooms, what all facilities you need, etc. And draw up a basic plan. The containers are usually 8’ x 20’, 8’x 40’ in size and maybe even multiples of these sizes. So it is better to plan, keeping that in mind.

Seek Professional Help

It is better to consult a professional engineer about the feasibility of the plan you have designed. If you plan to remove any of the walls of the container during modification, it would be better to discuss the structural issues with an engineer beforehand. Just removing walls will cause the structural design of the container to become weak and reduce the load bearing strength of the container. Proper reinforcement is needed to maintain the structural stability of the container.

Buying Containers

After the design is finalised, the next thing would be to purchase the containers. Containers can be ordered from nearby countries, or it can be sourced from any nearby location. There are many places which provide used containers for moderate rates. While buying used containers, it is always better to have a look at it to ensure there are no defects.

Foundation of the building

Just like any other typical construction, the first thing to build is the foundation of the building. Foundation can be wooden or concrete supports. It is always better to take the advice of professional help before building the foundation. Poured concrete foundations should be supported with steel plates. Piers can also be used instead of walls for connected containers. Piers have the extra advantage that they are much cheaper.

Placing Containers

After building the foundation, the next task is to place the containers on top of it. The easiest, safest and fastest method of placing containers is to use cranes. Cranes can be easily hired from builders or machine lenders. 20 footers or forklifts can also be used to lift up and place the containers.


After placing containers in their designated positions, next thing to be done is to connect these containers to one another so that they can function as a single unit. They are attached to each other using special clamps, bolts or by welding mechanisms. Large bolts or drilled metal plates are the best options for those who are doing the connecting works by themselves. Professional help would be best to make sure, the containers are welded to each other properly. That would be the most secure way.