Top Ideas TO Have Fun With Shipping Container Swimming Pools

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There was a bit of information that caught everyone’ eye recently about how it takes roughly $21,000 to construct a swimming pool below the ground? When you can’t afford to pay such a huge price for a pool to splash around, make it interesting with these creative ideas that are cheaper on the wallet. Be warned though, your neighbors might just find an excuse to sneak in.

Surfers Paradise

You know that a shipping container swimming pool is a perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon. Here’s some good news if you are one among the few who enjoy surfing. Owing to the safe and secure build, these swimming pools can be recreated into a surfer’s paradise, complete with water gushing.

Fiberglass- Shipping container pool lining that is durable.

Fiberglass is a commonly used to design the inside of the swimming pool. It is nearly 17 times stronger than the regular material. Aquatic shades can be used to blend in with the fiberglass for a smooth finish.

With fiberglass, you never have to bother about painting or washing the interiors with acid. The smooth fiberglass prevents the formation of algae and moss, thereby reducing the chances of water contamination.

Beach Baby

This is called living ‘out-of-the-box’. Think literally if you intend to set up a home out of the shipping container. In this design, several recycled boxes are used to transform them into a cozy beach area. Just take along a glass of cocktail drink, and experience a beach-like vacation in the comforts of your home.

On-the-go swimming pool

Heard of a portable swimming pool? The shipping container pool lining is 1.5mm thick and usually made of fiberglass. The swimming pool comes fully equipped with a water purification system, locker area and the ability to check the chlorine and pH levels. This portable swimming pool is great for outdoor events.

Fun with pallets

A swimming pool created out of shipping containers can be a source of relaxation and fun in your own backyard. Relax on a raised wooden board or a pallet while you listen to music or catch up on reading. A word of advice though. Remember to use heat treated pallets as opposed to the toxic chemical pallets that can be harmful.

Ice Bucket Challenge

If you are using a shipping container for any event, here’s a unique idea. Fill the containers with freezing ice-cold water and test the strength of people who dare to battle through the freezing water.

Natural pool for the outdoors

Skip the traditional styled pool, and go natural instead. Use aquatic plants, gravel stone and a water castle for fun. You can even go a step ahead and place a mermaid near the edges. These pools have an added benefit of reducing the risk of harmful chemicals from seeping into the soil. The water has no added chemicals and safe for tiny tots.

Whether you are designing a swimming pool for recreation or to raising funds for a charity show, there is always a good reason to use fiberglass for the interiors.