Pocket-Friendly Container Pool Designs For Your Home

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Imagine surfing or completing a few laps in your swimming pool. This isn’t any ordinary pool, but it has been constructed with help of a used cargo container. Sounds eccentric? Not really. Considering the fact the shipping containers have gained popularity over the years.

Based on whether you are a fast swimmer or an amateur, you can decide the length of the pool. You’ll be the only person in the entire neighborhood to own a fancy shipping container swimming pool.

Here are few interesting shipping container pool design that has caught our attention.

Large Container Pools With Locker System

Take cue from Denver’s innovative idea that makes use of two 40 foot cargo boxes. These containers have been carefully joined at the ends. The rough ends have been chipped and welded to create a large pool. Several coats of bright paint is applied to prevent rusting. You can make it interesting by creating a slope, a 3 or 4 foot deep shallow end and 8 foot depth in the center. Add changing rooms and locker system near the deck of the pool.

Tommy Hilfiger Pool

This container pool named after the famous fashion designer by the same name takes its roots in Templehof Airport. The pool consists of a large number of recycled shipping container structures. The swimming pool forms the major highlight that has been finished in glass and wood. Place this large pool in events, and watch the crowd cool themselves in the water.

Backyard Swimming Pool

All it takes is imagination and used shipping containers to build this fabulous pool in your backyard. Choose the appropriate size depending on the frequency of usage and budget. Choose a premium quality used shipping containers, and check for any damage or corrosion. Clean the cargo box and spray paint the interior and the exterior with a good quality paint.

Dig a hole where you intend to install the pool and add limestone lining to prevent leaching. Insulate the interior and use a suitable pool lining like fiberglass. Once you are done with this initial work, fix the filters and water pumps. You are ready to enjoy a good swim and the best part- these pools are portable.

Natural Swimming Pool

Natural pools are still in their infant stage in several parts of the country. These pools utilize gravel stone instead of concrete and clay replace the fiberglass lining. Aquatic plants purify the water by releasing oxygen that supports the growth of beneficial bacteria.

The pool forms a natural living space for frogs, small fishes and dragonflies. Watch a beautiful eco system thrive in your garden. It is safe for the environment and your skin too.

Floating Pools

A large floating structure designed using shipping containers consists of two container pools. What is unique about the design? You can find all the amenities like a locker and changing room constructed on a barge. Enjoy few laps before heading to the rooms for a quick change of clothes.

Contact your nearest center to get a shipping container swimming pool designed for your home.