Step By Step Shipping Containers Manufacturing Tips

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Shipping containers play a vital role in transporting any items either raw material or finished products from one place to another location. Shipping containers are mostly used to transport heavy materials. The shipping containers are transported from one location to other locations by specially designed container trucks, cargo ships and cargo flights. The size and shape of shipping containers are designed and developed as per the international standard to maintain the uniformity for the containers to load. The usages of containers are not limited to transportation. The containers are used for many other purposes as well such as making container homes, container swimming pools and portable container offices.

There are many shipping containers manufacturers available around the world, but the shipping container manufacturers in uae are famous for their quality materials and finishing technology. You can find here below the step by step procedures how the shipping containers getting manufactured.

Wall Panels

Making the wall panel is the first step in making the shipping container. Wall panels made out of steel materials. These steel materials cut into sheets as per the international standard. These metal sheets are corrugated and sandblasted. The purpose of doing corrugation is to make the metal sheets so strong and durable. The next step is to do the welding job to fix them to make the wall panels.

Floor Assembly

The next important step is to make the floor frame assembly. The frame assembly consists of many girders of strong steels which are commonly known as I-beams. Many different sizes of metal frames are welded together and used to create the girders. The final floor frames are then checked thoroughly to make sure that all the angles are shaped appropriately and also will undergo with sand blasting to eliminate the fine dust, rust and contaminants.


The next step is to make the front and back doors. Usually, the same strong steel materials are used to create the doors as per the international standard qualities. Simultaneously, the door corner-posts are getting assembled to fix the doors. The doors then checked for any uneven welding parts that need to be removed for the smoothness.

Final Assembly

All these parts assembled separately, then need to put together to complete the container. The wall panel, floor assembly, corner posts and roof panels are welded together to make a shape of the container. The ground flooring is normally done by high-quality wooden materials.


Once the container gets its shape, it has been painted as per the owner’s choice. Normally the primary coating and painting will happen in the separate painting workshop. The primary coat is must so that the original painting will have good results. The containers are normally painted many times to ensure that the container is safe in all aspects while travelling in the sea and land.


The identification of the container is necessary when it reaches the destination, and hence each company will have a unique identification number. This is an 11 digit alphanumeric number, and you can easily identify all the details based on this number.