How To Build An Excellent Swimming Pool Using A Shipping Container?

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A swimming pool is always a fun way to spend time. The high cost involved with it is what prevents most of the people from going for a swimming pool of their own. Did you know that shipping containers can be cost effectively repurposed into excellent swimming pools? Yes! They can be! Shipping containers are no more exclusively used for transportation, and they need not lie unused when their sea life is over. There are brilliant ways to re-use it and swimming pool is one among them.

Pools made out of shipping containers - An overview!

At around 2.4 meters in height and width, and anywhere from 6 to 12 metres in length, a repurposed shipping container is an easy solution for a private swimming pool. They have the additional advantage of portability. The roof of the shipping container will have to be removed to make it a pool, and this provides the additional flexibility with the depth, letting you go for a deep or shallow pool according to your interest. All the equipment such as pool filters, fixtures and pumps which are used in regular pools can be used in container pools as well.

Now, let us move into the step by step details of building a container pool.

Proper planning

You should have a clear idea regarding the amount of space available as the size of the container have to be chosen based on the available space. Make sure that you purchase a container which is in good condition. Check for signs of extensive damage or rust. Before starting the project, get your plans approved by your local municipality.

Making the container ready

Shipping containers are constructed to withstand rough sea conditions, but as they are unused for a while, they have to be made completely watertight to use them as swimming pools. The corners have to be welded to prevent leakage. Rusty areas have to be treated properly, and a good water sealant has to be applied inside and outside the container.

Fitting of equipment

Once the container treatment is done, the next step is the fitting of equipment such as water filters and pumps. Make sure you fit quality ones so that they last longer.

Right placement

The container pool can be placed above or below the ground level as per your convenience and the geographical aspects of your place. If you are going to keep it underground, then the required area has to be dug up and levelled properly using cement. This has to be done carefully as the foundation of the pool has to be secured. If you are keeping the pool above the ground level, then the sharp edges of the container have to be covered for safety. Hide the pipes which are visible and consider a wooden decking to make the swimming pool look stunningly beautiful.

Once you are done with all the above-listed steps, you are all set to enjoy your private swimming pool. There are expert professionals who can do the repurposing work flawlessly, approach them and get a beautiful swimming pool created especially for you!