Industries That Have Discovered The Benefits Of Modified Container Enclosures

The business of converting sturdy shipping containers for different purposes once they reach the end of their life as a shipping container has become very popular in recent years. These strong containers are built of steel and can withstand extreme weather conditions making them extremely useful in certain industries. The best part of Converting a shipping container is that you can adapt them to any design you require. You can choose to turn into an office or a swimming pool or a mobile home; the choice is yours. Interestingly, shipping containers work best as industry enclosures, given their strength and durability.

Here are a few industries that have benefitted from using modified shipping container enclosures till date:

  • Oilfield Operations
    The security offered by shipping container enclosures is unmatched in the industry. Usually, oilfield operations involve the use of several valuable equipment and technology that needs to be secured against theft and vandalism. The 16 gauge steel shipping containers are very difficult to break into. You can have additional security in the form of a keypad entry or even motion sensor lighting. These modified shipping containers enclosures ensures that equipment stay safe and secure for as long as required.


  • Water Treatment Industry
    Traditional equipment used usually takes longer to build as well as deploy. On top of it, they have to be abandoned once the cleanup project is over. However modified shipping container enclosure provide portable enclosures that can be moved from one project to the next easily, thereby reducing the time and money spent on each cleanup project.


  • Farming Industry
    Modified enclosures have proved quite useful in the farming industry. They help house fish farms, greenhouse, and even function as a warehouse. These strong and durable shipping containers can withstand strong winds and extreme weather making it a favourite on the farms. The shipping container conversion cost is very less compared to the different advantages it offers.


  • Mining Industry
    The mining industry used several valuable equipments that needs to be secured safely at the end of the day after work. These modified shipping container enclosures provide ample security, allaying any fears of theft or vandalism. Modified shipping containers are also often used as offices at the mining sites, offering the employees a place to get their paperwork done.


  • Construction Industry

    The construction industry is constantly on the move according to where the current project is. This leads to moving of offices, equipment, labour force, etc. Modified shipping containers have played a major role in bringing down the costs by offering these construction companies strong and portable enclosures that can be modified into offices or even accommodation units for the workers.


  • At Music Concerts and Events
    Music festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, etc. are held at locations far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since these events are attended by thousands of people from all over the world, it is absolutely necessary to provide basic amenities like accommodations, washroom facilities, emergency clinic and so on. However, these are used only once a year, which is why using modified shipping container enclosures for these purposes are the best option. They are portable as well, giving you the chance to shift them to another site where they are required. You can even find modified shipping containers for sale, thereby saving the time required for the modification.
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