Modified Shipping Containers- A Revolutionary Concept With Numerous Uses

Shipping containers are huge carriers which are primarily created for transportation of goods in the shipping industry.However, these containers are very versatile and can be used for a multitude of applications. They are widely used all over the world owing to their cost advantages and reduced manpower required.Recycling the unused containers also serves as an environment-friendly gesture. The number of applications for which containers can be modified is many; most of them fall under the following broad categories.

Living Spaces

Shipping containers are built to withstand intense weather conditions with an average life of twenty-five years. So, they can be modified as living spaces either temporary or permanent. They are very relevant as accommodation spaces in remote places and during unfortunate occurrences such as natural disasters.Shipping container homes are very popular in Australia, and many people choose to live in such dwellings which are shipping containers modified into incredible houses with all amenities.  Some people also use shipping containers as garages and parking spaces without making many modifications.  Shipping containers can also be converted into gardens and nurseries to add value to the living spaces.

Industrial purposes

Shipping containers can be used to enclose valuable industrial equipment. They are very firm and hence are very superior when compared to the conventional enclosures.  Such enclosures are mandatory in construction sites, oil fields, etc. to secure costly equipment from damage and destruction. The following are the industries where shipping containers enclosures are widely used.

  • Electrical plants for enclosing large motors, compressors, etc.
  • Water treatment plants
  • Chemicals manufacturing and processing units, etc.

Storage solutions

Shipping containers can be used with least modification for either big or small storage purposes. They allow convenient portability which acts as an icing on the cake. They are suitable for various climatic conditions and hence provide a safe and sound storage space. They can be used in warehouses or near to homes, schools or healthcare centres to satisfy the storage requirements. Agricultural and livestock purposes can also be met using properly altered shipping containers.


Shipping containers can be rightly converted into strong modular workspaces which last for many years. They are an instant solution when some extra workspace is required either for personal or professional purposes. They are perfect for conference rooms which can be set up with minimal efforts involving very less cost. They are made with tough and durable materials so that they can be used as locker rooms for employees. If they are rightly redesigned with proper facilities, they make good restrooms.

Commercial areas

Shipping containers can be modified to create excellent commercial spaces. This is an area where shipping container is prominently used in all parts of the world.The following are some of the examples.

  • Restaurants- Shipping containers form excellent restaurants if architectured rightly. Energy efficient features such as solar powering can be utilised effectively, and the business can be run without too much of expenses. Easy portability is another attractive advantage. A rightly altered shipping container is very presentable and trendy as well. A perfect example for such a restaurant is the Muvbox in Montreal, Canada.

        Hotels- Shipping containers are used as the foundation structure for many hotel buildings around the globe. Such hotels are very popular as beachside relaxation centres. They can be either set up permanently in one location or can be transported as per convenience.

  • Malls, supermarkets, and stores- The form and shape of shipping containers make them ideal for stores, supermarkets, etc.] A shipping container can be easily revamped as a store and forms an excellent low-cost business idea. Boxpark mall in London is a very successful shipping container mall.
  • Spas- Altered shipping containers are suitable for the operation of commercial relaxation centres such as spas. Such centres are gaining popularity in India; some reputed Ayurvedic spa in Chennai- Riverday Spa, Moksham spa in Mumbai, etc. are on their path to launch new shipping container buildings.
  • Gymnasiums-Health and fitness centres such as gyms can be set up efficiently in modified shipping containers. They are the low-cost alternatives to the buildings whose construction is time-consuming and complex.

The possibilities of shipping containers are endless; only the most common ones are listed here.Shipping containers are so versatile that an architect can do marvels using them according to his level of creativity.

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