Rebirth Of Shipping Containers As Underground Workspaces

Shipping containers are built to tolerate all kinds of extreme weather as well as last for a long time. Unfortunately, after their service time as a shipping container is done, they tend to be a huge eyesore. Several firms started recycling these retired shipping containers for different uses like offices, kitchens, ablution units, dormitories and so on. Container office conversion is taken up by many firms who have a wealth of experience in this area. With careful planning, a shipping container can be customized for any usage making it a very versatile. These containers
Are built to last and stand extreme weather conditions with minimal maintenance.
Mining environments are pretty harsh compared to other work sites. This leads to mining companies looking for different equipment and ways to deal with these rough terrains. This is how they landed on the solution of converting these hardcore shipping containers into underground workspaces for mining employees. Mining companies have realized the many benefits that a modified shipping container includes keeping costs down as well.
Here are a few benefits of using shipping containers as an underground work space:

  • Shipping containers are made of durable steel that outlasts other module trailers making it worth the investment.
  • Shipping containers can be customized as per your needs and requirements making it very functional.
  • Modifying shipping containers take a short time, enabling the mining firm to be right on schedule without any unwarranted delays & waiting for the underground workspace to arrive on site. The faster the work goes, the faster the income arrives.
  • By having a workspace underground, it reduces the time spent by employees going back and forth between the mines and their office. The time saved as thus helps the company save a lot of man hours as well which can be employed for other useful work.
  • Keeping employees safe is the responsibility of every company including providing basic amenities. By offering a workspace underground, it allows employees to have access to a comfortable, safe and clean working environment as well. Shipping container mobile offices have changed the face of the mining work industry in every way.

Placing a modified shipping container underground involves a bit more than digging a hole and placing the container inside it. You need to ensure that the container does not have any damage. Since the pressure exerted by the earth on the walls of the container is going to enormous once it is underneath the ground, it is of absolute essence that reinforcement is provided in the form of bricks or cement. Most mining companies prefer to use cement as it is easier to pour.
Another important aspect is to protect the container from corrosive factors that might be hidden in the soil. Since it differs from region to region, you will need to do a soil test before choosing a paint or sealant for the container. Even though the process sounds arduous, it is actually done pretty quickly, allowing the mining company to start sending employees to the underground office pretty so. With various authorities attesting to the safety of these underground office spaces, retired shipping containers are being brought out of retirement. Office containers for rent are also seen in the market these days. Mining companies have benefitted in the form of money as well as time from this new movement.

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