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Houses are made of dreams, sweat and of course lots of money. Housing or for that matter any brief accommodation in case one is traveling out anywhere, is a basic need for any human being. More often than not, we may not find space, money or other resources to “build” the kind of accommodation that we may want. Think differently; bricks and cements are not the only tools that will help you build your abode, even used, refurbished or even sparklingly new shipping containers will! Yes, shipping container conversions are the new rage in the world of construction. Not only as houses, one can use it any which ways they use a brick and mortar dwelling; in place of cafés, offices, shops, or even swimming pools.

Container House – The Most Cozy Dwelling

The joy of metamorphosing shipping containers into houses is taking the world of infrastructure and interior designing by storm. Nothing short of incredible ingenuity, this is offering everything that one may need in a concrete structure; readymade and at a fraction of cost. So just in case you want to put that small shop somewhere, create an extra room in your backyard, a storage room or even a house on wheels, shipping containers will offer you a readymade frame. All you are required to do here is to simply do up the interiors and install the gadgets.

Container home design plans have become so popular for several reasons.

  • They offer a readymade frame and save on massive amount of time as compared to the concrete structures that may take ages to get erected.
  • These come in a plethora of sizes, therefore one gets to pick the ones that are in keeping with their requirements.
  • They cost a fraction of their concrete counterparts. This is one of the most endearing features of shipping containers. One not only gets readymade frames but saves on loads of dollars too.
  • They can be customized. Shipping containers are highly customizable and therefore from toilets to hotels, they can be used for everything
  • These are sturdy. Shipping containers are sturdy and spending money and effort in doing them up makes sense. Even if one installs used and refurbished ones, they last really long.

Shipping Container Accommodation – Design It The Way You Want

Shipping containers can be used in lieu of any kind of concrete structure. The scope here is maddening. There are plethoras of shipping container house designs that one can choose from, right from the beach side houses, to hill top resorts to even a fully functional cozy dwelling, anywhere and any which ways you want. In fact, container home designs are being used as the most popular kind of accommodation for tourists in several countries including Australia and Vietnam.

Following is the list that encapsulates the genres wherein container conversions homes are being successfully used in place of concrete structures.

• Fully functional houses
• Storage rooms
• Swimming pools
• Backyard rooms
• Caravans
• Cafes
• Offices
• Camping sites
• Site offices
• Site accommodations and toilets
• Tourist accommodations anywhere be it hills, deserts or beaches
• Hotel open days
• B&B storage
• Homes for lease
• Shops

Shipping Container Pool – Even That Is An Option!

Shipping containers make splendid swimming pools too. Yes! They can help making swimming pools in far lesser length of time than what is otherwise required. There are of course the tit-bits that are required to look into. One should delve deeply about the exact depth of the swimming pool that they plan and get a container like wise. One should also ensure that the shipping container is watertight and is sturdy enough to hold requisite quantity of water; after all one cannot afford to have water leaking at the joints of the pool. Once these factors get fixated, one can go ahead with the installation of the shipping container as the swimming pool followed by plumbing and drainage facilities.

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