Shipping Containers Used As Industrial Enclosures? Pure Innovation!

Industrial operations are often located in remote sites far from away from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities. Enclosures are used in these remote locations to protect the valuable equipment from being vandalized or, destroyed by elements of nature. Till recently, industrial enclosures had to be built from scratch, according to the requirements of the industry. However, the explosive idea of converting shipping containers enabling it to have different uses has made its appearance in the industrial sector as well.

Hailed as being one of the most innovative ideas, the, industrial container enclosures, made from of recycled shipping containers, have found many takers in several fields like oil and gas companies, construction firms, and electricity firms and so on.Here are a few advantages offered by shipping containers when they are used specifically as industrial enclosures:

    • Customisable Enclosures
      Since shipping containers are built to a standard size and satisfy ISO standards, they are highly durable and flexible as well. The integral strength of these industrial shipping containers goes up to almost 25 tones, making it an excellent choice for storing heavyweight valuable equipment. Since different containers can be joined together to form larger enclosures, the size of the equipment to be stored is not a cause for worry.
    • Easily Portable
      Another interesting advantage of enclosures built using industrial shipping containers is the fact that they can be easily dismantled, transported and assembled again at a new location. This cost effective solution is very attractive to construction firms as they often keep changing their locations once they complete their current project and move on to the new ones.

  • Protection Against All Kinds Of Weather
    Converted shipping containers are made completely watertight, ensuring that no water will come inside and damage any of the equipment stored inside of it. The high quality steel used to make these shipping containers is highly durable and extremely strong, making it a worthy choice for protecting your equipment from the different elements of nature
  • Protection From Vandalism And Theft
    Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is absolutely necessary to protect every piece of valuable equipment in the best way possible. The deadbolts at the entrance to the welded steel seams, these industrial enclosures do not give outsiders a chance for entry in any way. You also have the option of welding the doors shut in case you do not plan on having them opened for a long time
  • Easy To Set Up
    Since shipping containers are already built and only needs to be customized as per the requirements of the customer, the enclosures are built-to-order very quickly. This benefits the customers as they can proceed with their work without worrying about any delay occurring on account of the later arrival of the enclosures on site. In some cases they are even put together at the site, making it a one day job.

As seen from the facts presented above, these heavy-duty shipping containers can be put to several uses in different fields. They offer many advantages on account of their strength and flexibility. More and more firms are discovering these advantages and placing orders for customized industrial enclosures. The low cost is another factor that makes shipping containers even more attractive to these firms.

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