Pop up shops are a new age phenomenon that is sweeping the retail world. You may come across terms like temporary retail, pop up store, flash retailing and more. It is all the same. Builders, consumers and the retail industry are now rethinking retail spaces to be more effective, productive and sustainable. Engineers and designers are now ditching the traditional brick and mortar stores and are now trying to adopt pop up shops with the help of shipping container modification for temporary retail spaces. Pop up shops sell goods in a temporary retail space. The name pop up emphasizes its nature of unexpected arrival and departure from a particular location. Such short term stores sell everything from clothes, art, tech gadgets, food and more.

Pop up shops can creatively engage customers. Such shops provide a much-needed awareness about the brand and product. It has a special advantage of managing the space well. It provides a great opportunity to explore and brand and products easily. An important point is that it can be designed in any shape and size.

Shipping Container Modification: A Perfect Way To Build Pop-Ups

Shipping containers can easily be modified to create a pop-up shop. It is a sustainable solution to create environmentally-friendly retail spaces for temporary use. Shipping containers are now a popular choice compared to brick and mortar construction, especially in Dubai. Temporary shops need to be mobile and hence should be easily customizable for various other needs. Buildings constructed with shipping containers are as reliable as traditional construction methods. It is the most versatile, portable and durable material for constructing pop up shops.

Additionally, it gives so much value to the vacant spaces which can be reused multiple times. When it comes to temporary retail, the business owner should be able to pick up and move easily to a new location. You will have a newfound image with the customers as you adopt environmentally sustainable solutions. You are trying to reuse a metal box that would otherwise be idling around and occupying so much space. Some of the significant advantages of using shipping containers for constructing pop up shops are:

  • It is secure and robust
  • It is highly portable
  • It can be constructed quickly
  • It can be deployed anywhere
  • It gives a unique experience
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    Shipping containers are made of steel which is quite tough. Shops made of shipping containers are safe from burglars or damages from harsh weather. The shopping can be secured with lockable floors and windows that secures all the stuff when you are jotting around. The structure will be strong and resilient and can be applied for any kind of situation. Pop up shops need to be mobile. Shipping containers provide portability. You can easily remove the fixtures and easily transport the parts of the shop by train, truck or ship.

    Shipping containers are easy to customize and fitted into a framework. It takes very little time to customize shipping containers into the shape and size required for the shop. It can be delivered to the location and quickly be installed for operation. Depending on the complexity of modifications required, it can take a few days to a couple of weeks to get the shop ready. Once the container is ready, it can be deployed anywhere like at a park, exhibition halls, school grounds and there is enough space to erect the structure. There are a variety of container sizes to choose from depending on the need and availability of space. In a city like Dubai, a unique designer shop will set you apart. Shipping containers can help you create a shop that gives a unique experience to the customers with very minimal effort.

    Breaking The Stereotypical Brick And Mortar Shopping Experience

    Convenience is the one important reason why bricks and mortar have been replaced by shipping containers. It provides exciting new experiences for both the customer and the retailer. It is also helpful for property owners who can lease vacant spaces for various businesses. A few benefits of designing pop up shops are,

  • Instantly connect with consumers
  • Increase sales
  • Create awareness
  • Explore new market
  • Ease of use and affordability
  • The pop-up shop format helps connect personally with the customer. This in turn develops strong relationships and you will get to know your customers very well. More than 95% of sales happen offline and pop up shops give a greater opportunity to take advantage of this situation by exploring the retail channel. It provides an easy way to advertise your brand and products by creating awareness. It is an easy way to gain consumers offline. It is easily affordable compared to traditional stores hence you can launch a new shop and explore a new market 80% cheaper than building brick and mortar shops.

    In Dubai, anyone from food chains, fashion designers, vintage shops can open a pop-up store. Pop up stores typically last for a few days to more than a month. Such shops don’t last for years. It is mostly centred around an event and may last the whole of the event. The timeline will coincide with the marketing campaign and the product release. Pop up shops can increase customer interest, traffic and engage them for further business. It is a great way to leverage the shopping experience to boost sales.

    The state of temporary creates a sense of urgency. When people know that your shop doesn’t last long they are more likely to visit your shop to explore the different products and services. Retailers have more flexibility with pop shops as they are mobile and you can relocate to places where you have target audiences. You can utilise unused, underutilized or negative spaces. It does not necessarily need to be on a street or a sidewalk. Pop up retailing has now emerged as a promotional campaign for retail as well as corporates and its use is dated back to the early 2000s.

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