Ways the Construction Industry Uses Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Conversions- A Cost-Effective Solution For The Construction Industry!

Shipping containers are primarily built for transporting goods across the sea. Even after their life in the sea is over, they remain in usable condition for a long time. With the right imagination and creativity, they can be used for a plethora of purposes. However, containers are most commonly used in the construction industry; the construction sites in particular. The logic is simple; construction sites are the places where a large number of people work , and facilities would be sparse. What they require are some temporary solutions to serve various purposes, and container conversions are ideal for them.

Using shipping containers in construction sites gained popularity in the last decade, and now it is the most preferred option for many construction companies.Their portability and cost-effectiveness are what makes them the favourite choice. Here are a few container conversion examples in the construction industry.


A Few Excellent Container Modifications Used In Construction Sites

Site offices
An office in a site serves various purposes such as a conference room, a gathering space to review plans, etc. It gives a functional workspace for the engineers, foremen, or contractors involved in the construction.

Storage areas
Shipping containers provide a safe and secure storage solution for construction equipment. Shipping containers are strong, and if provided with proper locks, they cannot be broken into easily. So, you can store materials without any worries. In Industrial Container Conversion, a single container is used as an office and a storage room. In such cases, the storage space available would be less.

Construction sites may be in places where there are no eateries nearby. Even though there is any nearby, workers may not be always in a condition to leave the site and go out to have food. They may not get enough time as well as the breaks they get are usually short. Hence workers would have a tough time without having food on time. A functional canteen in the construction site solves all these issues and is a blessing for the employees. Shipping container converted canteens are widely used in many construction sites. They come with all facilities required to operate a small, yet self-sufficient canteen.

Changing rooms
Rooms which give privacy and provide shelter from the extreme weather while changing clothes are really helpful to workers. Shipping containers make excellent changing rooms which can also include cloth hangers, lockers, etc. so that everything is well organised.

Toilet and shower units
Shipping containers can also be converted into bathrooms and toilets by making the right modifications and setting up the required facilities. With a container converted toilet/shower unit in a site, workers do not have to suffer the trouble of not having a toilet facility on the premises.

First aid spaces
Accidents and injuries are very common in construction sites; so having a first aid room is essential. Containers can be used excellent first aid rooms with the basic facilities required to handle emergency situations. This serves as a great relief for workers in case of injuries.

Pedestrian/worker gantry
In construction sites where there are space restrictions, and people are not allowed to walk safely, containers can be used as gantries where pedestrians and workers walk without the fear of something dangerous falling from above.

These are just a few ways to convert shipping containers. Their possibilities are endless, and you can use your imagination to transform them in various ways. Now, let us move on to the benefits of converted shipping containers which makes them greatly preferred in the construction industry.

Benefits Of Container Conversions In Construction Industry

Benefits of using container conversions in the construction industry are many. Here is a list of the most appealing ones!

  • Affordability– Setting up container solutions are far cheaper compared to building rooms or renting/leasing services.
  • Portability– Container converted installations can be easily transported from one site to another.
  • Easy to set up– Converted containers are readily available and setting them up in a site takes very little time.
  • Safety and security– Shipping containers are of strong build, and they are very safe for storing valuable construction equipment.
  • Durability– Shipping containers are made with materials which last long, and hence they do not get damaged easily.
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