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Converting Shipping Containers into Swimming Pools

SuperTech Industries is very conscious of protecting the environment. We firmly believe in recycling. To promote this practice, we create and supply shipping container swimming pools. These cool, container pools are refurbished sea containers. The ever versatile shipping and storage containers are converted into functional swimming pools using a battery of construction practices. Each shipping container can be easily and quickly converted into an above or below-ground pool. Depending upon your need and requirement a sea container can easily be transformed into a swimming pool of your choice. While above-ground pools are quicker to install and use, the below-ground pools can be somewhat more pleasing to the eye.

Fibreglass Swimming Pool Made Out of Storage & Shipping Containers

These refurbished swimming pools can be made aesthetically pleasing by adding fibreglass. SuperTech uses superior quality fibreglass to change everyday shipping containers into pools that are fun and beautiful. Since fibreglass is highly flexible, it can endure a lot of physical and environmental conditions making these refurbished swimming pools last longer. The strength of fibreglass also ensures that container pools can be used in a rough and tumble manner without the fear of breakage, making it a safe place for kids.

Another way to convert a shipping container into a swimming pool is to add a pool liner. By lining the interior with a waterproof lining, it ensures the pool remains leak and water proof. Even without liners, sea container pools can be made waterproof quickly by welding followed by painting the interior side.

The best part is that shipping container pool costs a fraction of what typical, everyday pools do. Give us a call, and we promise a perfect pool to be delivered at your doorstep with our shipping container swimming pools.​

Customise Your Shipping Container Swimming Pool

SuperTech has the expertise and the staff to customise your storage container swimming pool as per your requirements. From pool filters to pumps and fixtures, anything can be fitted into container swimming pools. We can also add a filtration system, a lounging deck to child safety locks. Because container pools are made of non-porous substance, algae growth is not a problem. They are easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Conversion of a shipping container requires modification to remove the roof. This gives us flexibility with the depth of the pool. Container pools can be easily made into shallow wading pools or a deep lap pool.


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