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Every construction site needs unique solutions when it comes to amenities. They need a building that is highly durable, safe and yet easy to remove once construction is complete. The key is converted shipping containers by Super Tech. We offer a full range of converted sea containers that can be retrofitted to make portable buildings. We provide products that make it easy for construction companies to do their work. From ablution units to storage facilities to site office and break rooms, our converted shipping containers are the strongest, most modular, space efficient and flexible. 

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Container Office And Ablution Unit Manufacturers You Need

A construction site is a mix of individuals with different skill sets that range from manual labourers to finance gurus. This means every site need administrative executives on location. This makes site offices a must have. SuperTech Industries manufactures container offices that are strong enough to withstand all the hazards of a constructions site. Furthermore, they are portable and can be moved from one place to another at a moment’s notice. Our container offices are also quick to install with a secure and controlled environment that is provided by the heavy-duty industrial material of the container.

We provide both 20 and 40 ft spaces that can be customised to suit any commercial space. They are very durable and have a very long lifetime. Our portable construction site offices are ideal for:

Shipping Container Office.

Even in the most limited of spaces, the converted containers by us can be stacked and used to provide maximum comfort and security at constructions sites.

Some Of The Benefits Of Our Container Offices Are:

Interior design of a toilet.

Besides portable office, we also design and manufacture ablutions units for clients that provide a comfortable and readily available place for showering, washing and toilet facilities. SuperTech ablutions units are multipurpose and can be used in any sector including constructions, events, clubs and work sites. The units are capable of catering to high traffic and can even be customised to meet the requirements of high-end and premium users like VIP guests, male or female. When you choose a converted shipping container ablution unit by us, you get:



Easy Manipulation


Premium Finish

Storage Facilities In Containers – Reutilising In the Best Manner

Shipping containers have been used as storage units for more than half a century. For constructions sites and other sectors, sea containers make for excellent places to store equipment either permanently or temporarily. Using a converted shipping container for storage is reutilisation at its supreme. The containers are built to withstand a long sea journey. Therefore, they are watertight and anti-corrosive which makes them the best place to store expensive gadgets and tools. Once the doors of the container are closed any material that is kept inside is entirely secure. Ability to move and low cost are further advantages of converted shipping container storage facilities that you can get access to through us.

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