Prefabricated modular units

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Modish & Modular Prefabricated Shipping Containers

The evolution of modular homes has changed the face of modern architecture. When it comes to green building and contemporary design, prefabricated shipping container modular units, call the shots. The rigid frame and building envelop makes the structure insulated, weather and fire resistant. Rising prices keeps homeowners away from their dream. Prefabricated modular units help realize this dream within your budget without compromising on style.

Burgeoning building cost, tough renting scenario and increasing mortgage with insurance have forced potential homeowners to opt for prefabricated units. People are now downsizing their requirements to make it feasible to own a home. This ergonomic design concept has lowered housing cost. SuperTech Industries is a leader in prefabricated homes offering rich architectural and interior experience. Here the price is affected by several factors depending on geographic location and interior finishes.

Valuable Benefits Of Prefab Units

SuperTech Industries is a premier customized shipping container home constructing company that has been in the business of creating dream designs and living spaces for those who love their space and yet want to do it with a green hand. Either primary or secondary dwelling, our team of designers can give life to your vision. Our prefabricated units come with benefits like:

  • Structural integrity making it easier to transport in a stacked manner.
  • The robust design promotes protection from earthquake and hurricane, making it ideal to withstand nature’s ordeal.
  • The unit is well protected from water and wind. It can be completely insulated and can offer protection under all weather conditions.

We have an eye for detail and have evolved to tailor prefabricated units according to your specifications. Call us for more information!

  • Superior quality from conception to finish without overlooking even the minute of details. The structure will remain for years standing witness to the years that pass by.
  • Unmatched design can be specific to your needs. Our bespoke designs make your home one of a kind. We make sure to make it aesthetically appealing and functional.
  • It saves cost big time. We can give you budget-friendly solutions that can cater to your specific requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.

SuperTech Industries strives to offer exclusive, functional and structurally robust living solutions. Our prefabricated modular units design includes durability, versatility and ease of installation. We respect customer demand and create spaces that are expandable. Our single container homes can be quickly multiplied to multi-container homes as your family grows.