Shipping Container Conversion

Container Conversions For All Your Commercial & Residential Needs

A multitude of industries makes use of shipping containers for various purposes. Super Tech Industries creates personalized modular solutions with used shipping containers. Our role is to provide innovation without compromising on the comfort.

Each shipping container conversion is bespoke and meets the design needs of our customers. We can help you visualize our designs through 3D visualization and technical drawings. Our processes are time-tested and developed using collaborative design process delivering a premium quality final product. Our team is always in sync with your vision, handling from design to finish without any glitch.

List Of Custom Container Products And Services Offered By SuperTech Industries

Food & Beverage Containers

One thing that the F&B industry requires is constant change and an ambience that does not fail to attract the eye of every passerby or customer. To attain this goal many restaurants, eateries, bars, etc. are either continually renovating their physical spaces or coming up with new innovations. One such inventive method, used popularly now days in is converted shipping containers. Food And Beverage Container Conversion restaurants, street-side stalls, mobile eateries, juice bars and sundry have seen immense growth in the past year. The sole reason for this is the eye-catching appeal they bring to a joint which in turn increases the footfall to the place.

Food and Beverage Containers.

Retail Containers

It originally began with big brands like Nike, Addidas and Starbucks. Presently, every retail store owner is thinking of using a converted sea container to make Retail Shipping Containers shop. From a semi-permanent shop that is easy to scale as business rises to a pop-stand that can be constructed in a locality that sees the maximum football, shipping containers make for apt retail stores. They can also be used to make Kiosks and Exhibition stands that cost a third of what conventional materials cost. Furthermore, the shipping containers set no limit to designing. The sky is the limit when it comes to envisioning you dream with them.

Construction Containers

One industry where Shipping Container Conversion comes in extremely handy is construction. When a building, home, residential complex or a commercial mall is being build, the workers need a place demarcated as the office. It is more practical to create space that can be taken down or removed easily than to make a permanent structure. This is where converted shipping containers setup in. They are great for making offices, ablution units and mess areas for the construction workers. They are highly accessible and can be converted quickly. Once the construction is done, the converted unit can even be moved to another area.

Exploring Industrial Container Conversions.

Industrial Container Conversions

We convert metal containers into an industrial unit or container office that fits your specifications. Our industrial containers can be used for an array of purposes including machine rooms, chemical stores, generator units, cold storage, on site safe house and other specialized Industrial usages.

We add value to your space through our extensive product knowledge and state of the art infrastructure just right for your shipping container office conversion needs. Our team has immense experience in structural assessment and can frame the right structure to house all your equipment.

Container Homes

Affordable shipping container homes can turn into an accommodation you will relish for a long time to come. This alternative architectural format gives you a unique experience of living on the move. We have designed creative shipping container homes by transforming a piece of metal into a functional building.

Our container house design is available in modular sizes and can be fitted together. Container homes are easy to design, cheaper and come with low maintenance cost. Enjoy a weatherproof home that can stand the vagaries of nature. The eco-friendly home makes you feel environment conscious by using recycled waste material giving it an architectural character.

The Rise of Container Homes.
Image shows the Wonders of Prefab Units.

PreFab Units

A home is a space that every individual wants to be custom made. Every inch of the abode should be in the style they want. In reality, this is rarely possible and when it is, it requires a substantial investment which not everyone can afford. It is why Modular Prefabricated Shipping Containers have become the preferred choice in the past half decade or so. They are a more economical option to housing and they do not curb the designing wishes of the owner. One can mold the sea containers in any manner possible to create a dream home that is also safe from environmental hazards.

Why Choose Supertech For Shipping Container Conversions?

Container house & container conversions are accepted in the society as the building format of the future. Over the years we have proved that it is more than just a metal box living setup. The versatility of the container has given rise to converting it into any format providing scope for maximum utilization of a limited space.

We have converted many containers into housing pods, industrial units, swimming pools and for other recreational purposes. We understand the possible application and keep your budget in mind before setting out to design a metal box space for your needs.