About Us

Realise Your Shipping Container Dreams

Supertech Industries has dominated the field of converting shipping containers into unique dwellings in the Middle East and UAE for several years. We provide a wide repertoire of services and products. Along with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we convert our clients’ requirements into high quality finished products.

Why SuperTech Industries Uses Shipping Containers

Unlike conventional building made from traditional methods, shipping containers are prefabricated skeletons for creating stark, yet beautiful modern buildings. Most of them even have insulation in between the interior and exterior plates, creating a barrier to protect the inhabitants for temperature extremes. However, that is not the only reason. By utilizing pre-used shipping containers that would have otherwise simply been thrown aside, we are not only repurposing them but also creating a smaller environmental impact.

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Vision Statement

To ascend to the position of the best and most versatile company in the Middle East for container conversion.

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Mission Statement

To supply well-engineered, innovative yet cost effective shipping container constructions solutions that bring 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Quality Policy

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SuperTech Industries has pledged to maintain a high standard of quality throughout the fabrication process of each project and to constantly seek to improve those standards in order to better serve our customers.

Convert Ship Containers Into Beautiful, Habitable Spaces With SuperTech Industries

From discussing a concept to visualizing engineered drawings, procuring and customizing the container, fitting out hardware and running electrical and water lines and finishing the structure off with interior and exterior designs, SuperTech Industries has been known to work closely with our customer through every step of the way to make sure we exceed their expectations. With a dedication to on-time delivery and high quality, we have never missed our mark.