A large yellow crane is lifting a modular prefabricated home kept in an empty ground.

Prefabricated Modular Units: The Future of Modern Construction

Prefabrication has taken the construction world by storm. The trend is gaining momentum as more prefabricated hotels, eateries, boutiques, and retail outlets are replacing concrete structures. Prefabrication is the much-needed solution for an industry plagued by skyrocketing construction costs, logistical challenges, and extending timelines. Read on and discover why and how prefabrication is making headlines…

A man with protection wear costume is inn the process of constructing a modular house with composite sip panels.

An Analysis of the Benefits of Prefabricated Construction and Fabricator Limitations

Prefabrication is quickly becoming a popular concept in construction. Designers, contractors and building owners are choosing this option in larger numbers because of the way it has changed the construction industry. Benefits of modular construction and prefabrication include faster turn-around time in construction projects and higher quality of construction. There has been a transformation in…

Poster of Supertech depicting the black color kitchen cabinet & modular shelves on top of it with attached sink with a table and a chair beside the cabinet made out of shipping container

Ghost Kitchen: The New Kid On The Block

Ever heard of a “ghost kitchen”? No, this is not the name of yet another cooking reality show on your favourite TV channel. A ghost kitchen is the modern, 21st-century avatar of the restaurant kitchen. But there is one big difference. Unlike restaurants with a fully functional dining area, a ghost kitchen serves as a pick-up and delivery only restaurant.

Poster of supertech industries on high cube containers and its company contact details

High Cube Containers: A Cut Above The Rest

When shipping containers came into existence a few decades ago, they were touted to be one of the best innovations for the shipping industry. Soon enough, they proved to be generally useful for the transportation of goods even by road. Today, shipping containers are considered the most effective, safe, and affordable solution to move goods by sea or road. When you think of shipping containers,

A man spraying disinfectant chemicals on the cargo container in protective suits to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus

Tackling Covid Challenges Using Shipping Containers

Thanks to the Covid19 pandemic, roughly 11 million shipping containers are lying unused in container yards worldwide. In addition, more containers are being taken off service every day as the shipping industry faces unpredictable fluctuations with sluggish global trade. But there’s good news too! Despite the bad impact, the Covid19 crisis has greatly influenced these idling

Shipping container converted to a beautiful cafe in UAE, shipping container conversion concept

A Café? A Shipping Container? Or Is It Both?

As a leading shipping container manufacturer in Dubai, we’ve witnessed the growing popularity of container conversion. Shipping containers that have been decommissioned are redesigned into pop-up shops, restaurants and more. With over two and a half decades of lifespan, they are a great choice for many premises. Plus, they require minimal maintenance and are ridiculously…