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Benefits Of Converting A Shipping Container Into A House

Shipping containers that have been retired from a life of being shipped back and forth across oceans are finding a new lease of life. This is possible by converting these shipping containers for different requirements like office space, temporary accommodations, temporary toilet facilities, food trucks, swimming pools

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Container Kitchen Conversion For The Uninitiated

An old shipping container that has reached the end of its life crossing the oceans can get a second lease on life in the form of a repurposed container. These versatile containers can essentially be converted into any kind of unit and repurposed to fit your requirements

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Important Considerations For Swimming Pool Container Conversions In UAE

A swimming pool is an excellent addition to a home as it gives the luxury of memorable family time where all the members have fun together. Swimming has its advantages on health, and when it is done with family, you do not feel it as an exercise;

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Ways the Construction Industry Uses Shipping Containers

Shipping Container Conversions- A Cost-Effective Solution For The Construction Industry! Shipping containers are primarily built for transporting goods across the sea. Even after their life in the sea is over, they remain in usable condition for a long time. With the right imagination and creativity, they can

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Get your coffee from container to cup-A new innovative Green container concept

Think Different! Try Shipping Container Conversions For Your Cafe! The very idea of converting shipping containers and reusing it for multiple purposes denotes a prosperous eco-friendly future for the coming generations. A shipping container can be used for multiple purposes like offices, homes, storage units, ablution units,

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Shipping container conversions – Container Houses

Houses are made of dreams, sweat and of course lots of money. Housing or for that matter any brief accommodation in case one is traveling out anywhere, is a basic need for any human being. More often than not, we may not find space, money or other

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Portable Ablution Blocks Made Good Use In Remote Places

The portable toilets are very useful in places that are remote. These are comparatively cheaper and can be used by people to wash and clean themselves. In cases of work sites, the business owners will have to provide proper amenities to the construction workers. In such cases,

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Ablution Container -Invoking Social responsibility

Mobile Ablution Units – Environment Friendly Solutions In a world of global warming and increased carbon footprints it is our responsibility to embrace eco friendly lifestyle. The decision to embrace a greener lifestyle means going tiny and mobile. In this effort modular ablution constructions can make a

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Industries That Have Discovered The Benefits Of Modified Container Enclosures

The business of converting sturdy shipping containers for different purposes once they reach the end of their life as a shipping container has become very popular in recent years. These strong containers are built of steel and can withstand extreme weather conditions making them extremely useful in

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Modified Shipping Containers- A Revolutionary Concept With Numerous Uses

Shipping containers are huge carriers which are primarily created for transportation of goods in the shipping industry.However, these containers are very versatile and can be used for a multitude of applications. They are widely used all over the world owing to their cost advantages and reduced manpower

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