A Complete Guide To Shipping Container Homes!

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Using repurposed shipping container are a very economical and efficient way to build your home. You might have heard of this before, but would have given up the idea thinking that living in a container home would be difficult. Shipping container homes are the best abodes if designed smartly. They are unique and different from the traditional homes which are all the same.

Interesting Features Of Container Homes

Creativity is all that is required to make wonderful homes out of those large steel boxes. A rightly designed container home would leave no clue to an onlooker that it is made from a shipping container. Another attractive feature of houses made from shipping containers is their strength. A steel home would be definitely superior when it comes to strength. A container home which is properly modified can withstand earthquakes of small to medium intensity. With the proper placement of windows, doors and other ventilation techniques, container homes can be made highly energy efficient also.

Portability is another useful feature which makes container homes more desirable. Unlike a traditional home, which you have to sell off and start right from scratch, a container home can be carried as you move from one place to another. Upgradation is also easy when it comes to container homes.

Size Of The Container Homes

A typical shipping container is of 8 feet width and 8 feet 6 inches in height, and length ranges between 20 and 40 feet. Another option called high cube container is there which is 40 feet long and 9 feet 6 inches high. Such high cube containers offer high ceilings.

A single shipping container may not be enough if you are looking for a larger living space. But two or three containers can be grouped easily to make the desired space.

Points To Clarify Before Considering Container Homes

Before you start working on your container home, read through the following points to avoid issues in future.

  • Is a permit required- Several permits may be required depending on the region where you are planning to construct the container home. Check with the planning department in your locality and then proceed accordingly.
  • Is the weather of the area suitable for container homes? -Extreme weather changes may cause moisture condensation issues in container homes which are not adequately insulated. Windy areas may also create noise issues. So it is better to avoid such places if you are planning for a long term container home.
  • What is the life history of the container? – There are chances that the shipping container might be sprayed with pesticides depending on the goods they used to carry. There may be containers which have been used for transport of toxic chemicals as well. So checking the history of the container is a must.
  • Is help from a professional necessary? – It is always best to take help from experts if you want to get things done rightly. There are professionals who take care of the entire construction process.

Make sure that all the above points are considered. Go ahead and get your dream container home created perfectly!