Small Inground Pools- Here’s All You Need To Know!

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Is there anyone who would not like the idea of a small Inground pool within your property? Small pools do not require a large space, and hence they are very popular in urban centres which have space constraints. Spas, resorts, etc. also go for a small pool usually as they need it for their business. Small pools are equally enjoyable for kids as well as adults. One of the most common types of small pools is an inground shipping container pool which is an unused shipping container repurposed into a swimming pool.

Characteristics Of A Small Pool

Generally, any pool which is under 10000 gallons or less than an area of 200 Sq. feet is said to be small. The depth of the pools may vary between 24’’ and 72’’. Small pools would be just deep enough to enjoy a safe time in the water. They are ideal for a quick dip on a scorching hot day and also for therapy and exercises.


Small Inground Pools have many advantages when compared to others. Let us see them one by one.

  • Lesser installation price- The installation price of small pools is very less compared to the large ones. Shipping container pools come at a very affordable cost.
  • Covering the pool is cheaper- Pools have to be covered to keep it clean, warm and safe. As the size of the pool is small, the covering of the pool also is easier and cheaper as you do not have to go for large sized sheets to cover and protect the pool.
  • Easier to maintain- Maintenance of small pools is easier as their heating up takes comparatively less time thereby reducing electricity usage and cost. The number of cleaning chemicals required to keep the pool clean is also very less.
  • Less space- Small pool installation takes up very less space which is the prime benefit which makes them usable in small spaces.
  • Safer- Small pools are safer compared to larger ones.

Shipping Container Pools

As already mentioned, shipping containers are ideal materials which can be repurposed into small in-ground pools. They are easy and can be quickly installed which makes them the favourite option. A shipping container has to go through a series of procedures before it can be installed as an in-ground pool. The procedures are as follows.

  • Welding – All the edges and seams have to be thoroughly welded to make sure that the container is fully watertight. Failing to do this rightly leads to water leakage which reduces the efficiency of the pool.
  • Sealing – Rusty areas have to be cleaned thoroughly, and the inside as well as outside of the container should be coated with a waterproof paint of excellent quality.
  • Equipment fitting – After proper sealing, the container is ready to be fitted with pool equipment such as water pump, filters, etc.
    Now, the container can be installed in the desired place.

In short, you don’t have to give up the idea of a swimming pool in your backyard thinking of the cost and space issues. Go for small in-ground pools and enjoy!