The Versatility Of Shipping Container Toilets

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Toilet facilities are not usually given the importance that they actually deserve. They help keep the surroundings clean by maintaining a check on sanitation, thereby reducing the spread of various different diseases. Unhygienic practices are often attributed to the rapid spread of many communicable diseases according to health experts. Henceforth, providing toilet facilities to the workforce in every location becomes crucial to ensuring their health and the smooth progress of the project they are working on.

Portable toilets gained popularity as it offered people in remote areas to keep their surroundings hygienic and germ-free. In certain cases, it is not economically or commercially viable to build a new toilet that is intended to be used for a short period of time. In such situations shipping containers that have been modified into toilets come in handy. Since they are mobile, they can be tugged off to the next location where they are required. This helps save the resources that would have been spent to build a new toilet facility from scratch as well as help cut down on costs.

Different Kinds Of Toilet Containers in UAE

Shipping containers modified into toilet facilities are usually available either in the 6M or 12M size. Since there are different types of toilet facilities available, shipping containers have also been modified similarly to give different choices to the companies that hire or invest in them. Some of the fast moving toilet containers are:

The toilet ablution container facility is bright and well-lighted with an easy to clean space. They can be connected to water as well as waste supply as soon as it arrives at the location. The 6M toilet ablution container has four private cubicles alongside two wash basins, whereas the 12 M toilet ablution container will have eight private cubicles and four wash basins.

The shower toilet blocks are a favourite among companies that employ a large workforce in some remote corner of the country where no basic facilities are available. This gives the workers a chance to clean up. The shower block toilets are usually equipped with good quality fixtures and can be used as a temporary or a permanent block. The 6M shower toilet container has four private shower cubicles alongside two wash basins, whereas the 12 M shower toilet container will have eight private shower cubicles and four wash basins.

Multifunction ablution and shower toilet blocks are also available. They offer the facility of having at least two private ablution cubicles along with two other separate shower cubicles. They also come in the 12M range, with an internal wall partitioning it into two different sections with two different entrances. They are often used as separate male and female toilet facilities.

There are also toilet containers that have been modified to be accessible to the disabled. They are fitted with grab handles, a separate wash basin as well as a disabled access toilet.